Pumalín Park

The aim of the Pumalín project was to protect 17.000 hectares of endangered forest. Approximately 300.000 hectares of land was eventually bought to form the Pumalín Park. The area was declared a natural sanctuary by the state of Chile to promote environmental protection. Thus, no industries are allowed in the region.In spite of being privatized, the park is open to the public throughout the year. It stretches from Hornopiren to about 30 kilometers south of Caleta Gonzalo. Pumalín Park operates under strict conservation rules and regulations similar to that of other national parks around the world.Inside Pumalín Park you can choose to hike along a number of self-guided trails, each taking you to a different viewpoint of the temperate rainforest. The variety of trails gives you a chance to discover the richness of the region’s magical natural environment. These are the trails we recommend:Alerces Trail:
This is an easy and level loop-trail suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is approximately 1 kilometer long and passes under an ancient alerzal – a tree of the pine family. Signs along the way provide information on the ecology and history of the region, which will help you to appreciate these ancient and admired trees.Tronador Trail:
This trail begins under a burnt alerzal in the slow process of recovery. The first stretch of the trail is built on stilts and leads to a waterfall fed from the Tronador River. It is an uphill hike for an hour and a half before you reach a spectacular hanging bridge.

Trail of the Hidden Waterfalls:
It’s a very rewarding trail that takes about 2 hours to complete and varies in difficulty levels. It leads to 3 majestic waterfalls – the first after just 25 minutes of hiking. It’s certainly well worth the trek.

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