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To reach Yelcho en la Patagonia from Esquel (Argentina), you can head to The Limit (Futaleufu) through Los Cipreses, Chubut. La Balsa is the International limit and is 10 km from Futaleufu. Futaleufu to Yelcho en la Patagonia has 100 km of gravel road in good condition, but with many curves. the first tranche of 45 km you´ll reach Puerto Ramirez, follow the right towards Chaitén. after 30 km you will reach Villa Santa Lucia. In St. Lucia should take the road to the right (always towards Chaitén) and Yelcho in Patagonia is about 25 km. It´s a beautiful scenic road and will take upt to 3 hours to complete. Note that during summer (January and February) you can expect the The Limit with dozens of people looking to cross the border and sometimes you can expect 1 hour delays.


The Carretera Austral heads east out of Puerto Montt through Pelluco, where there is a polluted bathing beach with black sand and some good seafood restaurants, and then follows the shore of the beautiful Seno de Reloncaví (Reloncaví Estuary). Between the sound to the south and west and Lago Chapo to the northeast is Parque Nacional Alerce Andinomapa puerto montt yelcho en la patagonia Some 45 km south of Puerto Montt (allow one hour), La Arena is the site of the first ferry, across the Reloncaví Estuary to Puelche.From Puelche there is an unpaved road east to Puelo, from where transport can be found north to Cochamó and Ralún.
Hornopirén lies 54 km south of Puelche at the northern end of a fjord. Although a branch of the Carretera Austral runs round the edge of the fjord to Pichanco, 35 km further south, that route is a dead-end. There is excellent fishing in the area and Hornopirén is a base for excursions to the Hornopirén Volcano .Some 16 km by  ripio road east of Hornopirén and covering 48,232 ha, Parque Nacional Hornopirén includes the  Yates Volcano (2187 m) as well as the basins of two rivers, the Blanco and the Negro.
Parque Pumalin: one of the most important conservation projects in the world, this private reserve extends over 700,000 ha and is in two sectors: one just south of the Parque Nacional Hornopirén and the other stretching south and east of Caleta Gonzalo to the Argentine border. Much of the this section of the park was covered in ash after the recent eruptions of Volcán Chaitén and at the time of writing, the southern half of the park between Caleta Gonzalo and Chaitén is closed. Repair work is underway and the hope is that the park will open again at some point in the not too distant future. However, this is dependent on the volcano calming down.

The Carretera Austral runs through the park, climbing steeply before reaching two lakes, Lago Río Negro and Lago Río Blanco The coast is reached at Santa Bárbara 48 km south, where there is a black sand beach, close from Santa Barbara is Chaiten, from there you have 40 paviment road to Puerto Cardenas and from there to Yelcho en la Patagonia about 7km of dirty road.

From Puerto Montt and Quellon ferries can be taken to Chaiten on a regular basis.

 From Hornopiren to Caleta Gonzalo, there is also a ferry that runs daily. It takes about you 2 hours  to get from Caleta Gonzalo to Yelcho en la Patagonia. Departure days and times can be found at: www.navieraustral.cl

This section of the Carretera Austral, 422 km long, runs through long stretches of virgin rainforest, passing small villages and the Parque Nacional Queulat, with its glaciers and waterfalls. Roads branch off east to the Argentine border and west to Puerto Cisnes. Near Coyhaique, the road passes huge tracts of land destroyed by logging, where only tree stumps remain as testament to the depredations of the early colonists Ver mapa más grande

At Amarillo, 25 km south of Chaitén, there is a turning to the Termas de Amarillo (where Yelcho en la Patagonia Beer is produced) which consists of two wooden sheds with a very hot pool inside, and an outdoor swimming pool, worth a visit. Situated 46 km south of Chaitén and surrounded by forest you´ll find Puerto Cárdenas is on the northern tip of Lago Yelcho, just crossing the bridge , around 7km you´ll find Yelcho en la Patagonia on your Left


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