Fishing Lake Yelcho

Rainbow ,Brown and Brook Trout. At different times of year, King Salmon, Atlantics and Coho are present.

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Fly Fishing



Lake Yelcho

 This Lake receives the Futaleufu River in its southeastern corner and empties into the Atlantic ocean via the Yelcho River, which gets its start in the Northwester part of the lake. Fishing at the river mouths is spectacular. The wide, shallow deltas provide flats-style sight fishing for cruising browns and rainbows, while the massive eddies makes for superb if highly technical dry fly fishing. But the biggest draw to Yelcho Lake comes from sprawling reed beds of the lake proper. On sunny days the lake's browns and rainbows cruise the shallows looking to intercept dragonflies as they manuever overhead. A day spent casting to these leaping giants just might be the highlight of your fishing trip--or fishing year.

On cloudy days when bug activity is minimal, the lake presents the streamer angler with unsurpassed big-fly fishing. The shorelines alternate between sheer cliffs and timber-heavy shallows, and the clarity of the water means that you will see your quarry giving chase, even at a distance.

Lake Yelcho’s excellent fly fishing is thanks to the natural diversity along its shores. Amongst the tall reeds in the bay, rainbow trout jump through the air to catch the giant dragonflies that hatch here. It is recommended that you use floating lines, dragonflies in deer hair, and foam to fish in these waters.

Generally it’s best to watch the trout activity above the water and then cast your line in the area of the sighting. Fishing is also carried out with streamers and sinking lines amongst the rocks and logs in the lake – the ideal hideout for large and colorful browns.

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